Converting your home to natural gas

Servicing Central and Southern, CT

Buying or selling a home or planning a home renovation can be a large investment and a difficult process. From preparing and examining roofs and foundations, to ensuring costs aren’t too high, you’ll need to analyze every detail to ensure the proper finances are in place. When it comes to examining a home heating system, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of tips and information about what to look for in a heating system when buying or selling a home as well as helpful information on planning a home renovation or natural gas heating system upgrade.

For tips, checklists and more information on planning your home renovation or equipment upgrade to natural gas call 866-427-2888 or contact us online.

Why convert to natural gas?

Thinking about selling your home in the near future? It’s the perfect time of year to convert a home heating or hot water system to natural gas. Not only does it make a home more attractive to prospective buyers, but it provides buyers with options and the peace of mind knowing they’ll be getting a fuel-efficient home with the versatility to have gas appliances and more.

How to make the switch

Deciding to convert to natural gas in Central and Southern CT starts with a call and a meeting with one of our residential energy specialists. Our team of professionals will schedule an appointment to walk you through the timeline and process of switching your home to natural gas.

Benefits of converting to natural gas

When installing a qualifying ENERGY STAR® certified unit, you may be eligible to receive an instant discount ranging from $450 to $750 from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, an Energize CT partner.

How to plan your upgrade

Manufacturers may offer special rebates on select equipment models during different times of the year. Ask a residential energy specialist if there are any available manufacturer rebates or promotions.
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