Heat Smart with Natural Gas

Convert to Natural Gas in Central and Southern CT

At Connecticut Natural Gas and Southern Connecticut Gas, we believe converting to natural gas is about more than just heating your home. It’s about providing an affordable, clean, and convenient option to make life easier and your home more comfortable. This is done while supporting the American economy and providing all the versatility, benefits and conveniences that Connecticut residents enjoy when they convert to natural gas.

It’s no wonder that natural gas appliances increase the value of a home. So, no matter why you’re considering a switch, let our team help you through the process and answer your questions. Click below for more information on switching to natural gas in CT or call 866-427-2888 to talk to a residential energy specialist today.

All over Connecticut people are enjoying the conveniences that natural gas brings to a home. If you’re considering buying or selling a home or planning a home upgrade or renovation, here are just a few of the uses that natural gas can provide:

  • Home Heating
  • Hot Water
  • Gas Appliances (Gas Ranges, Clothes Dryers and more)
  • Pool Heaters
  • Fireplaces
Benefits of Natural Gas
Plan Your Upgrades