Learn about converting your heating system and appliances

The Connecticut landscape is filled with historic homes and properties dating back hundreds of years. While many of these homes have been fixed up with modern amenities and efficiency upgrades, the heating system is often an afterthought. If you are planning a major home upgrade or renovation it’s a great time to switch your home fuel source to natural gas, not only improving your home heating efficiency but adding versatility and comfortable living options.

Maybe your home doesn’t date back centuries and you’re just looking at replacing an old oil furnace, boiler or water heater or maybe you’re looking to build that dream kitchen with a gas range or adding a pool and an outdoor grilling area. No matter what the reason, adding natural gas to your home renovation project couldn’t be easier.

Planning a switch to natural gas in Central and Southern, CT starts with a call and a meeting with one of our residential energy specialists. Our team of professionals will schedule an appointment to walk you through the process of upgrading your CT home to natural gas, they’ll provide information on available contractors for your project and outline a timeline to build natural gas into your home renovation.

For tips, checklists and more information on planning your home renovation or equipment upgrade to natural gas call 866-427-2888 or contact us here.